Cat Behaviour Problems: 5 Tips to Stop Destructive Scratching

Cats are routine creatures that mark their territory by scratching and rubbing up against household objects. All felines have scent glands in their paws and face that leave pheromones on the objects that they touch. Couches and rugs are often the target areas for a kitty to claw at, which leads to one of the most concerning cat behaviour problems that feline owners experience — destructive scratching.

To help stop your feline friend from continuing this destructive habit, we have come up with the top 5 solutions for eliminating this behaviour.

Trim Kitty’s Nails
Grooming your feline’s nails often is a great way to make sure that she cannot scratch the furniture. Be sure to purchase special pet claw clippers, as regular nail clippers may cut the nails too short, causing pain, bleeding, or infection. Cat nail clippers are a great option because they are shaped similar to scissors, which makes them easy to handle when in use. how to cut cat nails with human clippers If you are unsure how to clip a cat’s nails there are many videos available online that can show you exactly how to safely clip a feline’s nails.

Nail Caps
Pet stores sell nail caps that can be placed over a cat’s nails until the nails grow out and the caps fall off. These caps are rounded on the outside so that a feline cannot scratch anything while they are on its paws. The caps should last on a cat’s nails for 1-2 months.

Citrus Scented Sprays
Cats dislike the smell of oranges and lemons. Spraying these scents on furniture and in the rooms where your kitty resides will make the locations less desirable for scratching because his or her scent is no longer on the furniture. There are even special deterrent sprays that can help prevent future scratching. These sprays contain citrus and herbal ingredients that will remove a feline’s scent completely from your furniture. It is important to note that you do not want to spray your kitty with this spray, as this can be harmful to a cat’s health.

Cat Tree Houses and Scratchers
Custom cat furniture can be expensive; therefore, it is best to purchase lower cost options to see what surfaces kitty prefers scratching before making an investment in something that may not be used. If your cat claws at several pieces of furniture in the house, you may have to purchase several cat scratch poles and place them in these locations. There are two main styles of cat scratch furniture: cardboard scratchers, and carpeted cat tree houses.

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