Dog Tricks – Teaching Your Dog

There are lots of different things you can train a dog to do. They can be taught not to go in the house, not to chew on furniture, and not to use their teeth during playtime. They can also be taught various verbal commands, such as sit, down, and stay. However, there are certain verbal commands that are classified as “tricks” rather than just “commands,” and these are separated because they are more for fun than any inherent usefulness. In this article, we’ll take a look at some popular dog tricks and how to teach them to your dog.

Your dog can learn a wide range of tricks, and dogs that like to play and interact with people are generally more eager to learn than those who like to sleep the day away and keep to themselves. However, virtually any dog can be taught at least a few tricks with a little persistence. Common dog tricks include “roll over,” “speak,” and “play dead,” although there are many others. How to teach dog to roll over Rolling over constitutes the dog rolling onto its back and then all the way over to the other side, while playing dead will have the dog remain on its back with its paws in the air. Speak should have your dog report one sharp bark. You can even teach your dog tricks like “jump” or “dance,” where it will raise itself up on its hind legs and hop around.

You can teach your dog tricks in the same way you do verbal commands. Simply state the command or trick you want your dog to perform, and try giving your dog a visual clue to help it along. If you want your dog to jump, for example, try snapping your fingers or holding a treat above the dog’s head. Once the dog correctly performs the trick, reward it with praise or a treat. If your pet does not properly perform the trick, do not scold it, and try to think of other ways that you could help it learn. With play dead, for example, you can actually roll the dog onto its back and then reward it.

The numbers of dog tricks you can teach your pet are virtually endless, and you can even try creating some of your own. The basic premise of teaching a dog tricks is to get it to perform some action, and then reward it based on whether or not it succeeds.

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