Host The Ultimate Star Wars Party

Star Wars party supplies are an absolute must for the ultimate Star Wars fan. But it’s not just the biggest fans who will appreciate a Star Wars themed party. With dozens of fun and quirky characters to choose from, there’s a costume for everyone. And who can say no to a lightsaber duel or a blaster shootout?

Costumes are available for almost every character in the series, from Princess Leia and Hans Solo to Chewbacca and Yoda, or even the Darth Vader himself. But if you want to be a member of the elite, a stormtrooper costume is the way to go. These soldiers of the Galactic Empire protect the Empire with special training and undying loyalty. Plus, they are easily the most universally recognized characters from the Star Wars franchise Star Wars .

A stormtrooper costume can be found for adults, children and babies. An adult stormtrooper costume can cost you anywhere from $40 to over $700, depending on the quality of the armor. For children and babies, a stormtrooper costume is much cheaper, ranging from just $15 to around $50. Some options may not include the signature stormtrooper costume weapon, a blaster. If not, blasters are usually priced between $15 and $50. You can even find blasters that light up and make blaster noises.

If you are feeling crafty and have the time, it’s not too hard to make a DIY stormtrooper costume. With a supply of cardboard, some duct tape, a can of white paint, a black marker and a black leotard, you can make a recognizable stormtrooper costume. Just cut the cardboard into armor shapes and paint them white. While wearing the black leotard, tape on the armor and color the tape black. The helmet takes a little more finesse. But if you can make a helmet shape out of the cardboard, you can easily paint it white and use the black marker to draw on the face elements. Other DIY options include using a motorcycle helmet, foam sheets, and white tube socks.

Don’t just stop with the stormtrooper costume. Party stores across the nation carry Star Wars party supplies. Your Star Wars party supplies shopping list should include plates, napkins, balloons and banners. Also pick up some party favors like lightsabers and a death star pinata. You can even let others join in your stormtrooper club with a stormtrooper wristband, available on for $8.99.

To make your Star Wars party extraordinary with an added DIY touch. You can make Star Wars party supplies that your guests won’t find anywhere else. With the help of an action figure and a some jello, you can suspend Hans Solo in a tasty carbonite treat. Milk and a couple drops of blue food coloring can give you Bantha milk, a favorite beverage across the galaxy. Cotton candy on a stick can be a Cloud City treat. And for a space like atmosphere, hang up black sheets and twinkle lights.

It doesn’t take much more than great Star Wars party supplies and a stormtrooper costume to throw the ultimate Star Wars party to impress both fans and newbies alike. Just remember that the force is with you.

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