How to Teach a Dog to Talk Using 5 Easy Steps!

If you want to know how to teach dog to talk, you must follow these five simple steps. The first step entails using a certain toy or special treat that your dog really likes. In order to know how to teach dog to talk, use smaller treats so that the dog does not become full fast. The second step includes finding a quiet room to practice, free from distractions, where the two of you can focus properly. Step three is taking the treat or toy and verbally say “talk” but makes sure that it is said in an enthusiastic enough voice. This way it will excite him.

Now, how to teach dog to talk, step four entails holding the treat or toy over his or her head while commanding him or her to sit and or beg. Copper kettle In order to learn how to teach dog to talk using Step five is important. You are going to have to command the dog to speak and or should I say talk. Simply repeat this step until you reach a point that you can hear him or her bark and or whine. When you hear him or her whine or bark, you should then praise the dog and make sure you give the dog his special treat and or toy.

Just follow these five steps and you will learn how to teach dog to talk. The key though is practice. You must repeat the steps regularly until the dog starts talking. It is as easy as that. I decided to put a link at the bottom, which is a free video on a dog training lesson. It is really great and it may be able to help you further in learning how to teach dog to talk. I wish you all the best when applying these steps to your dog training.

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