Syllabus, Tips and Registration of GMAT

Competition in every field is increasing day by day, whether it is business, studies or anything else. There are various fields in studies where students can make their career. Students can give competition exams which can help them in getting admission in various good colleges. Every field of study has different exam. Students should prepare well to get good grades which should be sufficient in getting admissions. In business management field, GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) isacomputer orientedexam which helps in assessing various capabilities of the students as in writing, listening, verbal, quantitative and reading to analyze them for admission in management program like MBA.

GMAT is acknowledged byaround 5,810 business management and administration programs. This exam helps in showcasing the abilities which matter the most in B-school and in your profession as well. This test is a total of 800 marks. Thescheduled timeis 3 hours and 30 minutes inclusive of instructions and breaks. GMAT permits theparticipants to select the section order according to their convenience. GMAT online coaching is available; students can prepare themselves for the exam at their home.

In GMAT, there are four sections:

  1. Writing section: In writing section, there will be one topic and half hour is allotted to this section. This section measures the student’s ability to analyse and predict the causes behind the argument. It is related to the analysing of argument.
  2. Integrated Reasoning section: Twelve questions are included in this part and half houris allotted to solve them. This section is related with the multi-level reasoning, data interpretation and table interpretation.
  3. Quantitative Reasoning section: In this part, 31 questions will be there and 62 minutes are allocated to this section. The base of this part is 12th Questions will be related to the topics of data analysis and problem solving questions.
  4. Verbal Reasoning section: Thirty six questions are included in this section and 65 minutes will be allotted. This section will includecomprehension and sentence completion.

Tips for the preparationof GMAT:

  • GMATPrep: This software is available for free of costto the students who enrolled for GMAT. It has various question papers along with the detailed solutions. Stepwise guide to prepare the exam is also given.
  • Online coaching: GMAT online coaching is also available which assist the students to prepare for the exam. Coaching is provided according to the latest syllabus and tests are also conducted at the regular intervals.
  • Study Material: Official guide for GMAT is also available in the market. The official guide gets a new edition every year according to the updated syllabus.

Registration process of GMAT exam:

  1. Just log on the official website of GMAT and open an account with GMAC.
  2. After creating an account, you can apply for the exam through the official website or phone call or postal mail.

If applying online, fill all the information that is required for registration for the exam like academic and work details. Then choose the convenient test centre and the date of the exam and pay the fees through debit or credit card. Your registration is complete.

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