Teaching Dog Tricks – A Simple Guide

You’ve taught your dog to sit, stay, and come, and now you want to teach him some other tricks. No problem! Teaching a dog to do tricks can be fun and rewarding for the both of you. Just remember that all it takes is patience and a few treats and you can have your dog doing almost anything you would like him to do.

How about the shake command? To teach your dog how to shake, put him in the sit position. Say the word “shake” and grab his leg by the joint, shaking it while you give him a treat with your other hand. Then do it again. Sooner than later he will understand what the word and the cue of putting your hand in front of him means and will shake on his own.

What about the up command? Yes, it is good to teach your dog not to jump, but jumping up on you on command is a different thing entirely, and can actually help to prevent him from jumping. Put a treat in your hand and show it to him, then put it up on your chest. How to teach dog to roll over If you have a small dog, get on your knees when you do this. Say the word “up” and pat your chest. If you’ve taught him to not jump, it may take some coaxing before he will “disobey” the rules and jump up on you. Do not force him if he refuses to jump, but do not give him a treat either, just try again another day. Once he jumps up on you, give him the treat and a lot of verbal praise.

You can teach your dog to shake, jump up, roll over, and even catch food quickly and easily with some patience and some tasty puppy treats.

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